Enter as strangers. Leave as friends!

Source: Enter as strangers. Leave as friends!



Growing up in India we celebrated September 5th as Teacher’s Day!

Being a mom of two wonderful girls makes me feel proud and humble at the same time. Friends and family shower me with praises for the insight I have in raising them. I smile knowing that I do not own those praises.

Ever heard the term”kids are like sponges”? This has been proven in the household in infinite ways. I mostly measure my speech with them being around. They taught me to do that!

Walking in the park, they stop their bikes to look at a butterfly . They taught me to stop and breathe in the beauty of nature while living this life.Reya being the shy girl she is, told me that she is going to try a new route to her classroom. She made me proud and taught me to venture out and be adventurous.Veida fell off a chair while trying to balance, she got up and laughed it off. She taught me to shake my blues always and keep going.

I would not have learned the tricks of the trade called life , if not for them. I will try to do justice by passing all the praises and compliments to my sweet girls who are my teachers for life!

Enter as strangers. Leave as friends!

We strive for moments that make us happy. Smiles are contagious and it’s free of cost. Sadly it’s not available in abundance these days. We lack familiarity with another human solely based on appearance and status. What does it take for two completely different people to smile at each other? The fear of being judged is detrimental to smiling at a stranger. What is it that we are judged on? Dress,hairdo, body fat, non branded purse/shoes, seeming needy the list could go on. Once met someone who smiled at me and my kids and proceeded to chat. The impact of that small talk was profound that it made me believe in smiling at a stranger no matter the judgment or response. If I do not pass along a smile, I keep it within me and it could wither away. The moment I share it, the heart feels lighter and fragrant with happiness.