Enter as strangers. Leave as friends!

We strive for moments that make us happy. Smiles are contagious and it’s free of cost. Sadly it’s not available in abundance these days. We lack familiarity with another human solely based on appearance and status. What does it take for two completely different people to smile at each other? The fear of being judged is detrimental to smiling at a stranger. What is it that we are judged on? Dress,hairdo, body fat, non branded purse/shoes, seeming needy the list could go on. Once met someone who smiled at me and my kids and proceeded to chat. The impact of that small talk was profound that it made me believe in smiling at a stranger no matter the judgment or response. If I do not pass along a smile, I keep it within me and it could wither away. The moment I share it, the heart feels lighter and fragrant with happiness.


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