Growing up in India we celebrated September 5th as Teacher’s Day!

Being a mom of two wonderful girls makes me feel proud and humble at the same time. Friends and family shower me with praises for the insight I have in raising them. I smile knowing that I do not own those praises.

Ever heard the term”kids are like sponges”? This has been proven in the household in infinite ways. I mostly measure my speech with them being around. They taught me to do that!

Walking in the park, they stop their bikes to look at a butterfly . They taught me to stop and breathe in the beauty of nature while living this life.Reya being the shy girl she is, told me that she is going to try a new route to her classroom. She made me proud and taught me to venture out and be adventurous.Veida fell off a chair while trying to balance, she got up and laughed it off. She taught me to shake my blues always and keep going.

I would not have learned the tricks of the trade called life , if not for them. I will try to do justice by passing all the praises and compliments to my sweet girls who are my teachers for life!


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